A Window into the Amazing World of Wildflowers


This site features closeup photographs of wildflowers that grow in the State of Washington and some interesting facts about them. It also includes photographs of pollinators and other critters, as well as some of the locations where I have found them.

About me:

I have been obsessed with wildflowers for more than twenty years – looking for them, photographing them, growing them, gathering information about them, and teaching others about them. Now I would like to share some of my photos and information with you!

On this site you will:

  • Enjoy beautiful photos of wildflowers
  • Learn a little about them
  • Be amazed at their diversity
  • Become more aware of the wildflowers around you


This site is under construction. It replaces the former “Wildflowers by Donna” site which has been renamed “Wildflowers of Washington” and moved to https://www.wildflowersofwashington.com/. Unfortunately, some links were broken in the move and have not been repaired yet.

Tidy Tips – Layia glandulosa – Aster Family – Sunflower Tribe