About this site

The wildflowers on this site are presented first as a post and then added to their family page under “Flowers” for easier viewing. Each family has certain characteristics in common. Being familiar with these characteristics can help you:

  • To better appreciate the amazing diversity within a family
  • To more easily identify a wildflower you see

Planned Families:

  • Bittersweet Family: Do these flowers really belong in the same family? – 3 species
  • Orchid Family:  There are Native Orchids Growing in Washington –  16 species 
  • Aster Family:  The Largest Family in the World –  60 species
  • Heather Family: Amazing Diversity – 34 species
  • Rose Family: This Family Has a Lot More Than Roses!  About 50
  • Other Families:  Eventually other families will be added.

Note: It will take time to get these families completed, so please be patient!

My other website:

Additional wildflower families are presented on my more formal website “Wildflowers of Washington,” which is actually the materials from my older “Wildflowers by Donna” site. They include the Saxifrage, Mint, and Lily Families. The Orchid Family is also covered there in more detail. It is located at https://wildflowersofwashington.com.