About Me

I am an avid hiker whose curiosity about the wildflowers I see along the trails in Washington State led to the purchase of a digital camera in 2001 and a compulsion to photograph every type of flower I see in the wild. I am especially fascinated by the details I have discovered through the macro photography of very small flowers. (The actual size of Fringecup, the flower below, is only 1/2 inch across. To see greater detail, click on the photo. By clicking again you can see even greater detail.)

To learn more about the wildflowers I photographed, I bought numerous wildflower books, searched the internet, joined the Washington Native Plant Society, and introduced native plants into my garden. I have more than 120 different species growing there now. I designed and directed the planting of a native plant garden at an elementary school. There are more than 120 different species growing there, at least 20 of which are not growing in my garden.

My collection of wildflower photographs now numbers in the tens of thousands. It seems such a waste to keep them all to myself. I have been sharing photos and information with friends and this is the third website I have created. Creating websites is not only a way to share with others, it encourages me to do a more thorough study of the plants. I love to do research, so creating websites is a perfect fit.

My previous websites were focused on identifying wildflowers. This one is focused on the appreciation of wildflowers.

I hope you enjoy it.

Fringecup - Tellima grandiflora
Carkeek Park Seattle, WA